Chuck's new book now available NOW! GROWING A BETTER AMERICA: Smart, Strong and Sustainable

February 21, 2011

Chuck’s new book is now available! GROWING A BETTER AMERICA: Smart, Strong and Sustainable is hot off the presses. Chuck and his co-writer, J. Marshall Craig have spent the better part of the last two years working on this important read. The theme here is “smart growth”, and how we can deal with the pressures of America’s growth pains that are already causing us concern. With a current population of some 310 million in the US and expected to reach 400 million by the year 2040, NOW is the time for us to think long and hard about how we are going to handle our growth going forward. Chuck has identified and exposed some great growth models in this book, and goes into subjects such as transportation, energy issues, home building and renovation, community design and much, much more. One chapter is dedicated to musicians, actors and other artists that are making a positive difference for our environment. An informative and fun read, it is sure to capture the attention of our country, and you can expect to see Chuck on various media outlets discussing the book in the coming months.

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